Cody Points to Ponder: November 2023

“Affluence of choice expresses our wealth more than anything else.”

As I have worked with and gotten to know many poor and homeless, I have come to realize the truth in this statement.

I was recently asked to briefly address a group that collected a large number of hygiene supplies for Cody high school students. It struck me that when I need something I go buy it. And in many cases, if I want something, I go buy it. Many of the students and families in the Cody community do not have that luxury. One student joined us for a weekly lunch and said she hadn’t eaten for two days (aside from what was served at school.) Her mom was waiting for the first of the month to receive her bridge card.

It’s not just choice about how to prioritize spending; it’s about making life choices. But for many of our students, their exposure to options is limited. One of our goals is to introduce students to various education, career, and living experiences. It isn’t our job to decide for the students, but we can help them to see what the possibilities are. The hope is that they will eventually better understand that they can pursue their dreams and more easily become who God wants them to be.

Especially during the holiday season, I encourage you to reflect on this statement.