Cody Partnership Profile: C.


I never doubt the work we do is important and impactful. Still, it’s always nice to get reminded of that in a specific and personal way.

We met C. in 2016, when she entered Cody as a ninth grader. She was a basketball player and regular 707 attendee. It’s fair to say that C. was a challenge – we loved her and were frustrated with her, sometimes at the same time! I hadn’t seen C. since early 2020 and missed her graduation due to Covid restrictions. A few weeks ago, she returned for a Cody football game. It was so good to see her and hear her voice! She went to college for a bit, then went through a couple jobs. And I saw her just before she headed to boot camp with the National Guard. She is a grown-up now.

After catching up on all that, she told me that she has begun walking with the Lord, reading her Bible, and praying. I asked what made her decide and she told me that she felt despair and knew she could not do life on her own. She thanked Oak Pointe Church for walking alongside her during some turbulent times through high school.

If you knew the student, you would understand why her comments brought tears to my eyes.