Cody Points to Ponder: April 2023

The Cody Partnership only works because of the team. One person cannot do it alone. One person does not have all the ideas. One person cannot build and sustain all the relationships.

It’s the same way in life. We are built for relationship and need others. As I read once, even difficult people can serve as bad examples. Who are the people in your life? Do they know they are important to you? How do you invest in them? It’s sometimes hard to put in practice, but one of my mottos is ‘people over projects.’

We will all have different levels of friendship, relationships, and acquaintances. People will come in and go out of our lives for different reasons, during different seasons of life. That may be either good or bad, but it will happen.

But do you know who never leaves? Do you know who never changes? God. God is always there for us, in good times and in bad times, during every season of life. So, make that your primary relationship.