Cody Partnership Profile: Brittany Agee

Brittany Agee – A Grateful Mentee for the Long Haul

Resilient, brave, and determined are just a few words used to describe Brittany Agee, who was raised in Detroit by her Auntie. Auntie often said, “study hard, work hard.” Brittany was thirsty for knowledge, success, and her past trauma only encouraged her to keep pushing forward.

When Brittany began her education at Cody High School, she was identified as one of the top students. She was bright, tough, motivated, and showed potential to be a successful adult. She took advantage of several opportunities available to her to achieve her goals, including opportunities from GM and meeting mentors. She was aware of Oak Pointe Church’s desire to mentor Cody students and the potential of a mentoring introduction meeting. Brittany and a group of seniors suggested a “speed dating” type of ice breaker event. Though she wondered why the Oak Pointe team kept coming to Cody, she was eager to see what might happen. During what turned out to be a life-altering introduction, Brittany met Melissa Meadows, who stood out as special, and their relationship began to form. They met regularly during the official mentoring sessions and organically began spending time together, outside of Cody High School. Early on, when Brittany mentioned her desire to attend Alabama State University, but had no idea how she would get there, Melissa stated that, of course, she would drive her! That trip, which included her Auntie, was a time of relationship building. Melissa includes Brittany in many family events with her children. Many memories created include dinners, shopping, graduations, prom, and navigating life’s next steps, but it’s the friendship that’s truly special. It isn’t “what” they do together, it’s the friendship. This relationship makes a lasting difference in both of their lives.

Through GM’s Student Corp program, Brittany returned to Cody High School as a mentor for three summers (mentee became mentor). Now, with a bachelor’s degree in social work from Alabama State University, she is a case worker for the State of Michigan, with work that is computer related. Interestingly, she longs to increase her impact in the world by working directly with high school students and/or the elderly.

In summary, Brittany believes many people from Oak Pointe could be mentors and would themselves be greatly enriched. She says that anyone must go into this opportunity with a commitment to be consistent for each mentee, without hoping to “be a savior” or just for the “photo op.” Melissa is an example of a great mentor, who jumped in when she had no money, no time, three kids and multiple jobs. Brittany and Melissa have both been so blessed by their nine-year relationship – that will go on and on.