Operations & Facilities

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Chair Set Up, IT, & Grounds

Part of what makes the Oak Pointe experience positive for guests is the look, feel, and functionality of our building. Operations & Facilities team members are rarely seen but their impact is everywhere.

Chair Team
Serve one month on, two months off on Saturday mornings.

The worship center chairs we sit in each Sunday get stacked when services are done. This makes it possible for our students to use the worship center as a gym during the week. When the next Sunday rolls around, the chair team puts all the chairs back out on the floor. These team members work behind-the-scenes, but they make a major impact on our worship experience!

It takes skilled men and women to keep our computers and network running 24/7. The IT team is the backbone for much of what we do during the week and on Sundays.

Grounds Crew
Imagine what the Oak Pointe lawn and landscaping would look like without the grounds crew! They make it all look beautiful in every season. These outdoor lovers mow lawns, prune hedges, plant flowers, and shovel snow.

Join the Team!

Use your gifts, talents, and passion to serve others.