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A Study through the Bible
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Let Me Be Your Guide

What is Let Me Be Your Guide?
Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but thought you’d have a difficult time understanding it?

The Let Me Be Your Guide study will take you on a ‘bus tour’ of the Bible, from Genesis to the book of Revelation! The ‘tour guide’ and author for this study is Fred Woodward, Pastor on staff at Oak Pointe Church. Using a PowerPoint presentation, he will guide you throughout the Middle East, traveling from the beginning of creation in the Garden of Eden all the way to the powerful and mighty book of Revelation, with stops at many significant places along the way. Your understanding of the Bible’s unfolding story will grow, and you will have a wonderful overview of God’s Word.

The book is easy to read, the PowerPoint slides provide maps, charts, diagrams and pictures with clear explanations along the way. This is a journey you will never forget. There are 23 chapters in this book and we will cover one chapter each week.

Zoom meeting link will be sent out before each meeting.


Apr 23 2024


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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