Serving Opportunities

Use your gifts, talents, and passion to serve the Cody Partnership

Join Our Team

We are thankful for relationships that continue to grow in the Cody community. Along with the relationships come opportunities to serve and represent Jesus.

  • We always want to hear from people who feel led to work with students during the school day. We have several mentoring and tutoring activities for students of all ages.

Besides that, we are looking for people to assist in ways that don’t require regular travel to the schools we serve.

  • Staff appreciation – We serve in three of the eleven schools in the Cody community. We’d like to acknowledge and encourage the staff in all the schools through small, periodic tokens of appreciation that express “Oak Pointe Church sees you and cares about you.”
  • Cody clean-up – We will continue our monthly Cody clean-ups in 2024. It would be helpful to add a couple of people to our planning team. Many hands make light work!

Let’s Be the Change

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