Our Story

Gloria Deus

Our Story

Since it’s inception, Oak Pointe Church has set out to be a church that is directed and led by the Living God. Without question, God guided every step of the creation of Oak Pointe, using miraculous provision to validate His purposes. After experiencing tremendous growth in its early days meeting in Northville High School, the leadership team quickly realized the need to look for land for a future ministry center. Scarce listings coupled with high prices meant that Oak Pointe needed what only God Himself could provide.

A real estate member that called Oak Pointe Church “home” contacted Bob in order to inform him that a land developer had just pulled out of a deal on 27 acres of land in Novi, and she asked if Pastor Bob Shirock would be interested in seeing it. Bob immediately said, “Yes,” and set out to meet the landowners, Shirley and Giza. Bob inquired about a Bible sitting on their table, which prompted Shirley to share that when she saw the field as a little girl, she told her dad that one day she would buy it. That little girl made good on her word, and as an adult purchased the field. Her desire was that the field would someday be the site of a church that would worship and serve to the glory of God. She named the field “Gloria Deus Field,” which means “for the glory of God.”

Little did Shirley realize that six months before Oak Pointe was born, and two years before the property was on the market, a godly man stood with Pastor Bob in the Links of Novi parking lot surveying the community in which a future church would minister. The man pointed across the street to the field overlooking a large lake and stated, “That land right over there would be a great place for the church!”

He was pointing, of course, to the field that is now home to Oak Pointe Church — a field already aptly named “Gloria Deus Field.”

To God be the glory, indeed; yesterday, today, and always.