Oak Pointe West Bloomfield


Our Mission

Oak Pointe West Bloomfield is all about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Our goal is to be a welcoming church where anyone would be comfortable. In addition, we strive to lovingly challenge one another toward growth in our relationships with one another and, most importantly, in our own individual relationships with God. We believe all of that can be done in a non-judgmental, caring, and fun environment. We would love the chance to get to meet you!


Our Vision

Our desire is to be a community church of West Bloomfield, shining the light of Jesus in and through relationships with neighbors here. We have a heart for connection: of Christians in the Church body, with visitors to our doors, and within every pocket of our culture. We want to be among the residents of West Bloomfield as Jesus’ body. We will follow God’s leading to affirm, equip, and support future church planters and missionaries. We want to see a movement of people throughout this township who know Jesus and make Him known. We plan to use the Bible as our true source, and show how it speaks truth into all of life.


Our Values

In Matthew 28, Jesus simply tells his followers to “go and make disciples.” It has become known as the Great Commission. Helping people navigate the pathway from being new believers to becoming fully committed followers of Jesus is the most important work of our church. To this end, Oak Pointe’s values reflect eight areas where followers of Jesus are called to grow – to become disciples.


How does my love for Jesus show?


How am I living out God’s Word today?


What am I talking to God about?


How am I facing the things that hold me down?


Who are my 2 a.m. friends?


Where am I serving and giving?


Who is in my top 3?


Who am I pouring into?